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Why Doesn’t Maxilla Stock Bio-degradable, bio-based or compostable plastic packaging ? 

We felt apart from the real ethical issues surrounding the use of feedstocks and plant based materials for producing flexible plastic packaging, especially in times of restricted food supplies & the growing shortages in the food chain, (exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine), also the short shelf life & storage issues and the ‘will they won’t they’ work (out-side of a laboratory) and contamination issues (see .gov article below) makes quite a compelling list & to many to ignore, all of which has put compostable and bio-degradable and bio based products on many customers and major retailers Red / do not use lists.
Another reason which underscores our decision, comes from the UK Goverment and Defra paper, with an excerpt below, full details can be found at defra.gov.uk :~ 

Bio-degradable, bio-based and compostable plastic packaging

At the present time there are challenges associated with the use and management of compostable and biodegradable packaging.

Evidence suggests that some of these types of materials do not fully biodegrade in the open environment (such as in soils or the ocean), leaving behind potentially harmful microplastics.
Some require specific treatment at the end of their life. The number of UK industrial composting or anaerobic digestion facilities that accept these materials is (extremely) limited and they are not widely collected for composting or incorporation into digestate.
Where the material is accepted it does not always fully biodegrade. In addition, it can cause consumer confusion as it is easy to mistake for conventional plastic, contaminating and disrupting its recycling.

The consultation therefore suggests that until such time as the state of evidence, collections and infrastructure for this packaging can be improved, it is unlikely to be considered recyclable under packaging Extended Producer Responsibility and will therefore attract higher fee rates than packaging that contributes positively to scheme outcomes.

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