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MaxQuatro ~ two tray linear weigher


The MaxQuatro  linear weigher is the next step up (from the MaxDuo weigher),  which features a two tray weigher ideally suited to handle larger piece type products with the inclusion of a ‘fine feed’ shelf enabling separation of product at weight completion to improve accuracy.

Typical products  for the MaxQuatro are coffee (ground and beans), many types of tea, whole foods, rice, pulses, nuts, snack foods, small piece confectionery and decorations.  Many more products can be handled, so please call or email for more information

Please note: Although powders can be weighed successfully, this  range of weighers cannot normally be recommended for fine dusty products.

Minimum weight for the MaxQuatro (and the MaxDuo ) is 25 grams, with Maximum weight (subject to bulk density) approximately 1 kg, greater weights can be achieved by multiple doses.  Capacity is a factor of bulk density, the collecting weigh-pan having a capacity of 5 litres maximum.

Throughput is governed by product characteristics and operation however,  speeds of up to 16 weighings per minute can achieved.

Technical details:

  • Power supply is 220 volt single phase (standard 3 pin UK plug)
  • Air supply is required which can be supplied locally or alternatively  a very quiet compressor can be supplied  (at additional cost).
  • All construction (structural and contact parts) are in stainless steel making them ideal for the food industry.
  • Main contact parts are removable (without tools) for easy of cleaning.
  • The Electronic control utilises the latest technology for a longer life.
  • The weighers  have a reduced number of settings to ensure simple change over between products.

Optional Extras:

  • Floor stands
  • Compressor (if no compressed air on site).
  • Additional outlet chutes to suit a number of different size bags/containers etc.

With this new addition to our range it  underscores Maxilla’s stated ambition to reduce our & our customers carbon footprint with real world initiatives, working with companies to promote UK engineering with these great new range of Weighing machines.  Also see our other Form Fill and Seal machines (FFS) and  small hand held sealers & automated sealing equipment,  which are produced and backed up with UK based technical support and spares.

Subsequently please call us or email; sales@maxillapackaging.com for prices or more information,  or to discuss quotes for  your printed (or plain) reel material requirements for your new (or existing) form, fill & seal, packing, filling or heat sealing machine requirements.

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