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MAX HIC CE 12 mm Heat Sealer


  • Manufactured in the UK the High Integrity Crimp Sealer is the ideal solution for all your heat sealing requirements, and all of our Maxilla Stock Range (for bags up to 300 mm wide),  giving a high-integrity 12 mm wide crimp seal on an extensive range of materials including; cellophane, polypropylene, heavy duty barrier foils, coated papers and a wide range of other laminates.
    Both the upper and lower jaws are heated enabling use with all Maxilla’s extensive range of gusseted bags, box pouches & Stand-up pouches also other heavier materials. The machine’s temperature is electronically controlled, with a thermal fuse fitted {for excess temperature protection}, allowing for a consistent and easily adjustable temperature selection up to 180°C, which is lockable to prevent user intervention.
  • This tried & trusted constant heat sealer is workhorse of the industry & widely used by specialist coffee and tea producers, nearly all of whom utilise Maxilla’s extensive range of gusseted foil laminates and heat sealable /pe lined paper bags  ensuring a professional seal. It also can simulate the seal produced on expensive flow wrappers for prototype packing or simply a very high quality finished seal on low volume products such a snack bars and speciality foods. The above can benched mounted or supplied with an optional extra ~ Stand Kit (£ 210 + VAT). Please call us on 01625 562041 for more information.
  • Maximum Sealing Length: 300 mm (12INS)
  • Seal Width: 12mm crimp
  • Voltage: 240 volts, 110 volt conversion
  • Power Consumption: 460 watts fuse rating T3.15 amp
  • Footprint: 450mm (l) x 180mm (w) x 215mm (h)
  • Weight: 10.7 kgs
  • Operation: Foot operated via chain and pedal
  • Mounting: Can be bench mounted (or optional stand kit).
  • Optional Extras:
    • Stand kit  ~ please note picture of stand-kit pictured with a different sealer (for illustration only )


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