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24th Feb 2014

Maxilla's New In-House Design Service

We now offer customers an in-House design service for our customers wanting to move into their own branded packaging, be it pre-made bags, standup pouches, doy packs,  labels or reel materials.

Please contact us if you require any further information at

26th Feb 2014

New MaxBox Pouches

Maxilla are able to produce an extensive range of pre made bags, made to suit your particular size and print requirements, including the new MaxBox pouch which Maximizes a retailers shelf space with its great cube qualities and with its unique flat base it is ideal for lighter weights, also it looks great when packed in larger volumes as well.

Please contact our sales team for more information at : 

24th Feb 2014

Building for Tomorrow: Less material, Less Energy, Increasing Recycling/Recovery and Responsible Sourcing


The Alu foil industry has already significantly reduced the environmental impact of the aluminium foil used today and continues to initiate new and innovative ways to make alufoil even more sustainable.
Light Weight
Using thinner gauge aluminium foil to deliver the same functionality saves both the aluminium and the energy needed to produce it. Over the last decade, the European foil industry has improved production processes so that the gauge of foil used in packaging and other applications has reduced by 10-20%. Whilst there will be a practical limit to which the foil thickness can be further reduced, the industry is still predicting another 10% reduction in the coming 10 year period.
Less Energy, Less Scrap
In the period 2005-2010, the aluminium foil producers in Europe reduced the energy they used by over 30%.

Increasing Foil Collection, Recycling & Recovery Rates

Increasing collection and recycling/recovery rates for aluminium foil and alufoil packaging means that an equivalent quantity of primary (i.e. virgin) aluminium will not be required by the industry. This represents a significant energy saving as processing recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy than the equivalent quantity of primary metal produced from bauxite.

Strongly supported by the industry, foil container collection rates have steadily increased throughout Europe with the reported average collection rate of above 50% for 2010. An additional, but as yet unquantified, quantity of aluminium (packaging) is also recovered from the waste to energy incineration plant bottom ashes.

The full article can be found at

08th May 2013

Stand-up pouches with pouring spouts

With its patented "Clean Clic" system, IPN serves the packaging market with intelligent solutions for closing polymer pouches.

The "Clean Clic" closures (screw caps, twist closures, dispenser nozzles, etc.) can be integrated in composite film pouches made of a wide variety of materials in different thicknesses. The converted pouches, mostly stand-up types, are filled via a connector. For this purpose, IPN has developed proprietary, high-efficiency filling machines.

The "Clean Clic" system is used in the food industry (liquid goods), for pharmaceuticals, for automotive products, and in the domain of personal care.

We can also provide  composite-film stand-up pouches which meet sophisticated technical specifications, for instance as regards pasteurisation, sterilisation, or aggressive products.

Please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1625 562041 if you require any further information or email us at:


24th Feb 2017

New Coffee Valve only from Maxilla

Valves For Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee (Availabe from Stock)

The New Multi Valve is particularly suitable for whole-bean and ground coffee .

The New Multi Valve is interchangeable with many existing Itallian or Swiss made packaging lines that already install mechanical valves *.
These packaging lines require no mechanical modifications to use the New Multi Valve.

*Please contact us at :-
or telephone our sales team on: 01625 562041 for samples , further information or to arrange a trial.

Valves are also available for a variety of other dry, gas-generating granular materials and bulk goods, for example pizza dough and sauerkraut.


08th May 2013

Laminated Bags, Pouches & Doy packs for fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are important protein sources and a welcome, nutritious alternative to meat.

Smoked salmon in particular is highly popular on a global scale. Subsequently consumers are embracing new and traditional products like surimi, introduced some time ago. Surimi is made of several varieties of fish and then pressed into different shapes.

Dried fish snacks also appeal to consumers, in many different countries.

We can supply the ideal / up to date packaging , for each of these products, both as regards the composite film and technical design.

Some of the pouches shown above are side-sealed pouches with zipper and Euro-hole for fish snacks one with a zipper and one with a Euro-hole.

In side-sealed pouches, the side without the zipper or Euro-hole is left open so that after packing, only one last side seam has to be sealed.

All packaging systems are made of laminate composites with different material combinations. For different shelf lifes.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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