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  Kraft Bags & Pouches for Tea

Packaging is very much an integral part of a product's appeal to the consumer. We, at Maxilla Packaging, have established a reputation for providing a holistic approach to the concept of packaging, in other words examining all aspects of not only the product's requirements such as protection, shelf life, transport and storage, but also the point of sale characteristics and last, but by no means least, the demands of the consumer.

Maxilla Packaging are supported by strong, well known brands; sound relationships with some of the largest end users. Drawing from experience from all over the world, enables us to provide the latest technologies to not just the largest names in the UK market today, but also smaller operations.

Our aim is to bring an innovative and minimalist philosophy to packaging, and by the use of our products we help our customers minimalise waste, optimise on-shelf impact, whilst at the same time reducing not only storage costs, but overall capital expenditure. Therefore, by working closely with customers and by clever use of materials and technology, we try to achieve the maximum effectiveness and consumer impact of each bag, pouch, box and product we offer.

Low minimum orders - just one box of any size! The "Wicovalve"® - unique one-way Aroma Freshness Valve
24 hour / next day standard delivery.  Visit our on-line store for full details of our stock products & much more.

Free Delivery on all orders of 2 boxes or more (UK only).

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