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 Excell FDP-110 Digital Retail Scales with Tower

Fully 'trade approved' retail shop scale with front and rear LCD displays showing; weight, price per Kilo (Kg) or per 100 grams (g) and 'price to pay'.
Available with either a flat plate or 2 sizes of pan
 A) 'Large pan' i.e. for fruit & veg, and
B) a 'Shallow Scoop' for example for fish.
Operates from internal rechargeable battery giving up to 200 hours per charge, or directly from mains supply.
This range of scales represent 'Great value for money' and available from stock to buy now !

Capacities up to 15 Kg 

Automatic price computing.
Great 'Back-lit' display.

Mains operation / battery charging... lead supplied.

Calculates price either per Kilogram or per 100 grams.
Ideal for either large or small retail enviroments, market traders etc...

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