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Laminated Bags, Pouches & Doy packs for fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are important protein sources and a welcome, nutritious alternative to meat.

Smoked salmon in particular is highly popular on a global scale. Subsequently consumers are embracing new and traditional products like surimi, introduced some time ago. Surimi is made of several varieties of fish and then pressed into different shapes.

Dried fish snacks also appeal to consumers, in many different countries.

We can supply the ideal / up to date packaging , for each of these products, both as regards the composite film and technical design.

Some of the pouches shown above are side-sealed pouches with zipper and Euro-hole for fish snacks one with a zipper and one with a Euro-hole.

In side-sealed pouches, the side without the zipper or Euro-hole is left open so that after packing, only one last side seam has to be sealed.

All packaging systems are made of laminate composites with different material combinations. For different shelf lifes.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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