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  Heat Sealing Machines

Maxilla can supply a range of packaging machinery and with our knowledge and expertise, can help you decide the right machinery for your needs.  Machines include:

Vacuum packaging machinery for laminates
Shrink and seal machinery
Filling machines
Heat Sealing Equipment

HMMAX CE 12 mm Sealer

HM CTD High Integrity Crimp Sealer

The ideal solution for all your heat sealing requirements, for bags up to 300 mm wide and giving a high-integrity 12 mm wide crimp seal on an extensive range of materials including;  cellophane, polypropylene, heavy duty barrier foils, coated papers and a wide range of other laminates.

Both the upper and lower jaws are heated enabling use with Maxilla's extensive range of gusseted bags and other heavier materials. The machine's temperature is electronically controlled, with a thermal fuse fitted {for excess temperature protection}, allowing for a consistent and easily adjustable temperature selection up to 180°C, which is lockable to prevent user intervention.
This constant heat sealer is commonly used by specialist coffee and tea producers who use Maxilla's extensive range of  gusseted foil and pe lined paper bags ensuring a professional seal.
It also can simulate the seal produced on expensive flow wrappers for prototype packing or simply a very high quality finished seal on low volume products such a snack bars and speciality foods.

The above can benched mounted or supplied with an optional extra Stand (£ 210 + VAT)   

Please call us on 01625 562041 for more information.

Futura cello

Futura Cello (150 C) with two serrated jaws for cellophane, waxed paper, foils, military specification barrier material, (paper-) aluminium and other laminations.

Futura FFO two clamps and a foot pedal

Two clamps and a foot pedal for use with the Futura Cello (shown above).

Audion 300TTS C/W with stand & Foot Pedal

Ideal for all our Laminated gusseted and Paper stock bags (Seals all Sizes up to 300 mm wide).

The TT-sealers are pedal operated machines can be bench mounted , controlled either mechanically (TTS model pictured with optional extra / additional stand (£ 237.95) or pneumatically (TTC and TTCD model, please call for a quotation). This leaves both hands free for packing. The profiled sealing bars are constantly heated and the sealing temperature is adjustable. The TTCD-model is equipped with timer and digital temperature control.
Using pre-made bags the TT sealers can be used for sealing Paper and Aluminium laminates ideal for Maxilla's extensive range of stock bags.



Shown with bag support table option. The Lamino heat sealer can be operated by a foot pedal, leaving both hands free for handling the product. The profiled sealing bars apply high pressure to seal different kinds of laminated bags; e.g.: paper, aluminium, PP and cellophane. A brim on the seal bar ensures the correct position of the seal. As well as pedal operation, the LAMINO can also run in automatic mode (timer controlled).

D555NVT Sealer

The D 555 NVT is a tabletop vertical band sealer. Pre-made bags are sealed standing up, which is ideal for powder, liquid or solid products that would spill if sealed laying flat. Adjustable supports on the belt guide the package during the sealing process. The sealing unit can be adjusted in height to suit different sizes of packages. The D 555 NVT is equipped with the same easy to operate digital panel and PTFE (Teflon®) seal belts as on the D555 NH.

Applications: all kinds of sealable bags, food products, seeds, ironware, mechanical and electric parts, etc.

Options: a code seal.

D 552 NVT is a vertical band sealer (Standard finish)

Designed for large pre-made bags that are sealed standing up. It is ideal for powder, liquid, or solid products that would spill if sealed lying flat. The sealing head on the D 552 NVT can be rotated 90°C, from vertical to horizontal, and is also adjustable in height. The D 552 NVT has the same easy-to-operate digital control panel and PTFE (Teflon®) seal belts as the D 552 NH.  The D 552 NVT is equipped with a height-adjustable integrated conveyor belt. The speed of this conveyor can be synchronized to the sealing unit from the control panel. 

Options: Code seal, Stainless steel construction (D 552 VTS) as per picture , please call for a quotation

Audion high power sealer HPS600

Audion high power sealer HPS600

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