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  Complex Laminates

Three-Ply Aluminium Complex Laminates are highly durable and have excellent barrier properties against such elements as Light, Water vapour and gases such as Oxygen. They therefore make a suitable packaging medium for products requiring a high degree of protection and intended for a long shelf-life. They are also highly suitable for vacuum packaging.

Polyester film is used on the outside and the print is contained on the inside of this outer film, both to ensure maximum protection and to provide a high gloss finish. The third layer is the aluminium foil, which with its good heat conductivity also contributes considerably towards the excellent performance characteristics and sealing properties. Finally Polyethylene is used on the inside as the sealing medium and when used in conjunction with the Wicoseal style of bag is suitable for vacuum packaging.

The laminates can be adapted to the type of goods to be packed, depending on the degree of slip, flexibility or rigidity required. This is achieved by using suitable manufacturing processes and selecting suitable films.


Multi-layer laminates can withstand temperatures of up to 130°C and are available in qualities suitable for pasteurisation and sterilisation (please Contact Us for further details).



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